Private Equity Investments

As an investor, would you like to invest in Private Equity as part of your investment strategy? Or you are looking for a partner who can present you with new and interesting opportunities?

Are you still an investor who can move large sums of money and is interested in long-term investments?

Private Equity naturally has special characteristics. This allows it to take advantage of opportunities that are beyond the reach of public equity. It is also possible to make active investments via Private Equity and exert greater influence on the investments.

JANKURIEDEL Capital Advisors has access to capital-seeking companies through a worldwide network and excellent contacts in various industries and business sectors and offers you as an investor interesting opportunities outside your usual range.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in working with us and would like to expand your contact network.

Mirko Riedel

Mirko Riedel

Founder / Partner

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