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Real Estate

Are you a real estate portfolio holder, property developer, or project developer looking for a financially strong investor for your real estate project development in the areas of residential and commercial real estate or land, either nationally and internationally?

We have an established international network of investors who are looking for appropriate investment options and active in the following real estate segments:

  • Residential properties
  • Care properties
  • Office and practice real estate
  • Hotel
  • Logistics
  • Industry
  • Retail

JANKURIEDEL Capital Advisors will find you the right financially strong investors from our network. This we achieve by presenting your project to suitable circle of potential investors, who have huge interest in investing in your property or project according to their investment strategy.

Contact us and become a part of our network to benefit immensely from our first-class international access.

Mirko Riedel

Mirko Riedel

Founder / Partner

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